Saturday, December 17, 2016

4 Amazing Benefits Of Sumac, Specially For Iranian People Which Use This Nice Medicinal Plant In Their Famouse Food

2. Antifungal
Aspergillus flavus causes a lung infection called aspergillosis
The seeds of Rhus coriaria may have antifungal action that is effective against the human pathogen Aspergillus flavus
most often affects people with weakened immune systems such as AIDS sufferers and chemotherapy patients.
Aspergillosis infection may affect any organ in your body, including your lungs, heart, kidneys and brain. 

3. Anti microbial
Sumac has anti microbial properties.
Antimicrobial activity that can combat Salmonella bacteria.
Water mixed with sumac extract can be used to treating vegetables and fruits and get rid of bacteria on them.

4. Hypoglycemic properties

Sumac is effective in case hyperglycemia, diabetes and obesity. Some research  is also carried on its anti tumour properties.


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