Wednesday, June 29, 2016

14 Photos Of Fatemeh Motamed-Arya Iranian Famous Actress

Fatemeh Motamed-Arya . She is a multi-award winning Iranian actress. She first got involved in theater during her teen years, and received her degree in theater from Daneshsara-ye Honar-e Tehran. She is one of the most significant actresses of post-revolutionary Iranian cinema and has been called "one of the most important actresses and filmmakers of Iran. She has been nominated nine times for the best actress award at the Fajr International Film Festival and won the Crystal Simorgh four times. Motamed-Arya was a supporter of former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami and has been a supporter of 2009 Iranian presidential candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Fatemeh Motamed-Arya was invited to travel to Los Angeles as part of a film seminar series on Iranian films. It was reported that Iran barred Motamed-Arya and another filmmaker from leaving Iran because of their political activities.After receiving the Prix de Henri-Langlois 2012 award, at the ceremony, Motamed-Arya said, “Tonight we have a common reason for being together. Without thinking about our homeland or mother tongue, we share peace and beauty here and take our portion. Cinema taught us love, kindness and sharing of this life. To remember that despite our language, color and religion we love each other as human beings.” Wikipedia

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