Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Old Photo Of Najm-es Saltaneh Founder Of The Najmieh Hospital and Doctor Mosadeq's Mother

The founder of the Hospital endowment was Malektaj Firuz (Najm-es Saltaneh). She was the daughter of a Qajar prince Nosrat-od-Dowleh_Firouz_Mirza. Najm-es Saltaneh was wife of Mirza Hidayatu'llah Vazir-Daftar. Though by now advanced in age, she supervised the actual day-to-day process of construction of the hospital.She made Mohammad Mosaddegh and his descendants the custodians of the hospital with the proviso that the custody would go to her other son Abolhassan Diba if there were no other descendants. During his lifetime Moḥammad Moṣsadegh was the custodian of the hospital, a responsibility that was passed on to his son Gholam-Hossein and later on to Maḥmoud Mossadeqgh. Najm-al-Salṭana also took the unprecedented step of making her eldest daughter the supervisor of the endowment, to be succeeded thereafter by her other daughters . Wikipedia

-Najm-es saltaneh

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